Is your program residential based?

Unfortunately, we are not a residential program, however, it is part of our 10-year plan.

Are your services fee based?

Some of the services we provide are fee-based. However, we also have scholarships and sponsors.

Can I start a chapter?

Starting in 2022 V2 will begin taking applications to open new chapters across Georgia.

What services do you offer foster parents?

Support groups, positive parenting classes, Money management classes.

Does this office offer mental health counseling?

We do not provide counseling at our facility. We do however have several partnerships with outside licensed facilities.

How do we know if we have medical insurance to assist us ?

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, you may be eligible for free health insurance if you were in foster care when you were age 18, however, please check with your state. Healthcare/Medicaid to 26 for former Foster Youth may be available in your state.

What if I am interested in volunteering?

Please go to https://www.v2fosteringchange.org/volunteer/ and complete the application.

Do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, V2National Association of Foster Youth Inc does not offer direct scholarships.

How can we partner with your organization?

This process is done only through our main office. Please contact our office directly.

What does 'aging out' mean?

The Definition of "Aging Out" The term "aging out" refers to children within a state's foster care system who are still in the system when they reach the age of majority or when they have graduated from high school. Feb 2, 2018.