Our Story

A Solution for Foster Care Alumni and Their Transition to Independent Living

In April 2018, Vyanna Davis and Veda Brooks developed the concept of a nonprofit foundation that provides liaisons for youth in foster care who can adequately connect older foster children to beneficial services provided by social agencies.

Both Veda, a previous foster parent, and Vyanna, foster care alumni, spoke with their community and former foster youth and realized there weren’t enough people to mentor older foster children as they prepare to transition out of their programs to live on their own.

Vyanna and Veda believe with enough volunteers, advocating, mentoring, and partnering with veteran organizations, they can transform the experience of older children in foster care as they learn to care for themselves.

Located in Peachtree City, Georgia, the V2 National Association of Foster Youth, Inc. achieved a 501(3) status in November of 2018. The nonprofit began partnering adult volunteer advisors with former foster youth in June 2019.


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