Why Choose V2?




For teenagers who have been living in foster care, the transition to life outside of care presents many new and often daunting experiences. These young adults may face challenges as they search for affordable housing, pursue higher education or training, employment, create and manage on tight budgets, take care of their health needs, and navigate the social service system. These youth are often alone with no adult to guide them through this critical time of transition.

V2 National Association of Foster Youth Inc will work toward:

  1. Educating Foster Parents on the culture of young adults in the foster care system.
  2. Provide educational support to foster parents to help them better advocate for their educational needs
  3. Work with students to provide necessary tutoring to help fill in any educational gaps
  4. Give guidance to a post-secondary education, V2 sees education as a link between an unstable past and a successful future.
  5. Lower the incarceration rate with-in this sub-group by providing a consistent adult to help navigate adulthood.
  6. Decrease the gaps in their transition process that leads to homelessness