GPSN Career Opportunity: Director of Street Outreach Project

The Street Outreach Director is responsible for the Street Outreach Team and its day to day performance and reports directly to the CEO and the COO.

  • A MSW is required.
  • Experience in children’s behavioral health services is a plus.
  • Preference will be given to qualified Certified Peer Specialist, CPS, Certified Peers Specialist –Parent, CPS-P, and Certified Peer Specialist – Y, CPS-Y.

To function as the Director of Street Outreach Project. Maintain a thorough and current understanding of the literature related to homeless youth, along with a working knowledge of available resources in the metro Atlanta area. Develop and maintain contact with the agencies that provide services to homeless youth. Hire and train teams of CPS-P & Y to find, survey and determine what the youth need to obtain a better quality of life, appropriate services, and stable housing. Develop and maintain a program to connect the homeless youth with these services.

  • Research the approaches to supporting homeless youth and addressing their needs;
  • Develop a data base of all services that support homeless youth in the Atlanta metro region;
  • Develop relationships with the agencies that provide the existing resources;
  • Develop street outreach teams comprised of CPS-P and CPS-Y;
  • Hire and train teams of CPS-P & CPS-Y to locate, survey and work with youth;
  • Develop and maintain a data tracking program to capture all of the data gained from the homeless youth.
  • Training and data collection via HMIS system (e.g., survival trends, needs/wants to make positive life changes, demographics);
  • Collaborate and work with the Path Specialist program;
  • Training on housing eligibility;
  • Develop and/or locate continuing education opportunities for staff in the program;
  • Create template for monthly reporting and provide monthly reports to CEO and COO.;
  • Assure receipt of all reports;
  • Compile all invoices and forward for payment in a timely manner;
  • Serve as consultant to organizations as needed;
  • Attend weekly/monthly staff meeting as needed;
  • Attend national, state and local meetings as needed;
  • Respond to all inquiries for information and assistance;
  • Other duties as assigned.

Job Title: Street Outreach Director

Classification: Exempt

Position: Management

Program: Street Outreach

Report To: CEO and COO


Management Responsibility: Director

Work Environment: Office and Field

Special Demands: Occasionally

Work Hours: 40 hours a week

Weekend Work: Possibly

Travel: Occasionally

If you qualify and are interested in this position please contact: 

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